Three Considerations To Make When Renting A Trash Compactor For Industrial Waste

Posted on: 10 January 2018

In the process of an industrial project, waste is inevitable and can easily get out of hand if not handled properly. This is why renting a trash compactor needs to take more than just requesting anyone. You need to make a few considerations in order to be sure that the right one is rented for the specific industrial project that is taking place. Here are three considerations to make: 

  1. Size: Industrial projects obviously generate a whole lot of waste. For this reason, you definitely only want to look at industrial trash compactors rather than residential or business ones. You also want to consider how much waste there will be. You will save more money on the project if you are able to rent a smaller compactor, however, if you go too small, you will then be subject to many fees for going over the weight limit or having to rent a whole new trash compactor. 
  2. Type of Waste: The type of waste is also going to make a huge difference. If the waste is wet, it's going to weigh more. In this case, you want a compactor that can handle wet waste, which would be a self-contained compactor. A stationary compactor would be for regular waste, but if the industrial project requires the disposal of hazardous materials, then you need to talk with the compactor rental company about what would be required. 
  3. Space: Finally, you need to consider space. If you don't have a lot of space, the; you could use a vertical compactor that won't take up as much ground space. Keep in mind that you also need enough space for the compactor to be moved in and out. There needs to be enough flat space and room for a truck to haul it. If space is a concern, you might need the compactor rental company to come out for an evaluation of the area before bringing in the right compactor for the job. 

With these three considerations in mind, you can be sure that the industrial project is more likely to have managed waste that will not get out of hand. This keeps the job more affordable, clean, and organized, which is important for success and productivity of everyone in the site. Be sure that communication with the trash compactor company is continued so the right compactor is delivered and used and the drop up and pick up times are consistent. To learn more, contact a company like Pro Star Roll Off Dumpsters.